Thursday, March 30, 2006

I think I am giving off vibes

First: the TOEIC class (full of cute young Japanese women) seems to have warmed to me dramatically since finding out I'm pregnant. Today they were friendly and giggly, and a lot of fun.

Second: G. (one of the other instructors) and I left at the same time this afternoon and walked to the subway together. He wanted to stand in the sun for a while (it was so warm today that neither of us had worn a jacket) and finish his cigarette; I was happy to wait with him. Suddenly some guy (whom I couldn't see because the sun was right behind him) started going on at length about what an attractive woman I am. Evidently people just don't appreciate women, especially women who are a 9.5 out of 10, and who were picked on as kids (you were, weren't you?).

It was high weirdness (and the weirdness wasn't the only thing that was high, IYKWIM). But it was oddly nice, too.

Third: the King streetcar was crammed full (it was 5:30, after all), so I had to stand for the ten-minute ride. No big deal. But suddenly a seated woman looked up at me, noticed my loose clothes, and offered me a seat. Surprised, I thanked her and declined.

I'm showing a bit if you know what I looked like before, but I certainly don't look very pregnant yet. My aura must have changed or something. I don't know how much I go for all that psychic stuff, but today was just a bit freaky.

For dinner I suggested we go to Betty's. We've been semi-regulars there for more than six years, and hadn't been there in a few months. A year and a half ago I had a weepy night on Sinéad, one of their servers, very shortly after the miscarriage. She has three kids of her own, and she couldn't have been more kind or supportive. Tonight she was there, and came over to say hello to us even though we weren't at one of her tables. She sat down next to me in the booth and gave me a big hug. Her first words were, "You're drinking juice!" as she beamed at me. It felt so great to be able to say "Yes! Thirteen weeks!"

Mike waited on us and was full of congratulations. Kim came over to say hello, and she was too. Mr. Krapsnart and I giggled with each other and just had a nice evening out. I felt so comfortable and welcome. Hooray for having such an excellent local.

Welcome to the second trimester, I guess. Not sorry to see the back of the first one.

P. S. Many thanks to Bitch Ph.D. for the link to one of my posts.

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