Saturday, April 29, 2006

Warping young minds since 2006

I thought about posting this on the Books and Babies group on Flickr, and then imagined the sort of feedback that might come from those whom Mimi Smartypants calls "Cat-Sweatshirt People, and reconsidered.

But man, it's too hilarious not to share.

It is immensely draining to have a mobile one-year-old bouncing around an incompletely childproofed house. I keep asking Mr. Krapsnart: "What have we gotten ourselves into?"

On the good side, Pina brought a large stash of maternity clothes for me, and is leaving as a shower present the travel crib that she bought for Ewan to sleep in this weekend. Thanks, Pina and Ian!

The cats are terrified of the baby. At first they were very curious and eager to investigate him, but then he grabbed Charlotte's head. She wasn't so hot on that idea. Now, when he's awake, they spend a lot of time under the bed. Martha ventures out now and then only to panic when he notices her and enthusiastically waves his arms up and down. Poor kitties. They have such a big adjustment coming.

Pregnancy news: the nausea seems to be down to once a week, but now the nosebleeds have started. Yay! Nosebleeds!


Amy said...

I've read that getting more vitamin C helps reduce nosebleeds during pregnancy.

Emily said...

Thanks, I recently read that too and have been taking it. It seems to be helping.