Saturday, May 27, 2006

Still got it

Went out biking today. Made it from the Distillery to past the Humber River (read: from one end of Toronto to the other). Total distance for the day: 35km (nearly 22 miles).

We'd wanted to go to some of the Doors Open buildings (hi Maria!), but a late start (as seems to happen every dratted year) plus an emergency trip to a maternity store to get me some shorts plus a flat tire meant that we arrived at the first place we'd wanted to visit at 4pm, just minutes after it had closed. Dammit.

It was six years ago this weekend that I wrecked my knee. The long white scar seems to have faded as much as it's going to. I kinda like it: it reminds me of learning to find joy in small things (like getting on a bus by myself with crutches for the first time), and of discovering that regular physical activity can actually make a very big difference for me. I remember the first time I tried to stand on my wasted leg, six weeks after the surgery that repaired it, and discovering that it wouldn't support me. Months of physio enabled it to work again without even a slight limp, and now when I'm at my best I can do sets of leg presses at 410 pounds.

Three years ago I did the 25km Ride for Heart and was thrilled to finish. Two years ago I did the 50km, and last year I finished the 75. I'll never set any speed records, and my cardiovascular endurance still isn't great, but I'm strong. Today's 35km made me think I can do the 50km ride again next weekend, even at five months pregnant.

I doubt I'll ride all the way up to the end of the pregnancy, but right now my centre of balance is still familiar to me and it's very enjoyable to be out on the bike. I love the bike.

Hoping we'll do some Doors Open stuff tomorrow.

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