Thursday, February 08, 2007


Yesterday's weigh-in: nine pounds, fifteen and a half ounces.

Clara is still the smallest mammal in the house. (Most other babies are at least twelve pounds by now.)

At the recommendation of her (mercifully non-interventionist) paediatrician, we'll be starting her on rice cereal at five months, not six. One more month until the really nasty baby shit starts.

She's been having a rough few weeks because her brain is wiring itself up for the nineteen-week developmental leap, and she's perceiving lots of stuff differently and is very confused. She spends a lot of time stroking textured surfaces and putting things (especially our fingers) into her mouth. I'm finding that life is a lot more manageable when I think about the baby not as an impediment to what I want to be doing (futzing with my website, knitting, going out to the gym, writing blog entries, etc.) but instead as What I Do, with the other stuff on the side. She's much happier that way, and therefore so am I.

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Viktor Haag said...

we'll be starting on her rice cereal at five months

Just about everyone I know locally was aggressive about getting their youngsters onto solid food of one kind or another. I'm far from an expert, but I think the operating theory was "as soon as the kid will eat it and seems able to digest it, it's good to start it."

I don't know whether this is a foolish theory or not.

(And I will also point out that, in none of the cases I can think of was it a cold-turkey replacement for nursing, merely a supplement to start with.)