Monday, April 30, 2007

Knitterly thoughts

Took Clara to the Knitters' Frolic on Saturday, where she was a big hit in her new MangoBaby mei tai. (Note: "MAY tie." Not "my tie." Do not correct me when I say "MAY tie"; I am right. A Chinese person told me so. And I don't wrap my baby up in a fruity umbrella drink.) She will be seven months old on Thursday and is heading into several new phases at once: the "AAAAA! I wasn't finished playing with that plastic bag when you took it away from me!" one, the "AAAAA! My new mobility scares the hell out of me!" one, and the "AAAAA! WHO THE HELL IS HOLDING ME? I DON'T RECOGNIZE THIS PERSON!" one.

Phases one and three came together to make her freak out when she was handed to the very sweet and grandmotherly Ann Bourgeois of the Philosopher's Wool Company. I was mortified. I want to go visit their farm in Inverhuron and say "See? She's really a nice baby," and maybe buy yarn for another sweater or two. But right now I need more yarn like I need a third shoulder.

Right now I'm finishing one project and about 40% through another one for the kids of a friend. Will post more about those once the kids are wearing them. I made a hat out of Blue Sky Cotton for Clara, but it's much too big, so I'm going to make another one in the next size down. It's the bucket hat from Little Turtle Knits (scroll down to near the bottom). I did the first one with a cream-coloured brim and crown, and a dusty rose band. I think I'll do the smaller one with a rose brim and crown and a cream band. It's a very fast project, takes less than a day, and entitles me to do another Lizard Ridge square. I'm just finishing #7. My sister-in-law's loud socks are done too, hooray.

I have yarn for the Jane Origami Sweater. I had originally wanted the Blackberry colourway but it wasn't as intense in person as I'd thought it would be, so I went with Midnight, a mix of rich purples and browns. I've decided I'm not going to start it until the kids' projects are in the mail. Twitch twitch. At the Frolic I picked up five hanks of Koigu Kersti in a rich yellow with a lot of dark flecks -- it's going to be my clapotis (only two years after everyone else's).

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