Friday, April 20, 2007

Lying fallow

The blog has been lying fallow while I've been trying to get past the giant writer's block I've had for the past month. I'm knitting a lot, Clara was baptised last Sunday (and yeah, I had a very hard time with the idea, but it was important to her dad), she has been packing on weight like crazy since starting the solid food, my mother was here for ten days (and my dad the staunch agnostic made a Special Guest Appearance for the baptism last weekend), I'm teaching one student once a week, and good things are happening for me in the gym. Oh, and Charlotte Kitty has been unwell but should be fine now after some surgery to remove a bladder stone (or "urolith," as I learned yesterday). Only $1,000 to get her out of the shop. Sigh.

I am very tired. I'm still joining the Drunken Knitters tonight, though.

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plinth said...

Oddly enough, the bowel equivalent is called a fecalith, even though fecal is Latin and lithos is Greek. It should be copralith at least. Kind of the same way that automobile should really be autokinesthede.