Friday, May 25, 2007

Forest baby

Forest baby
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And just because the last entry didn't mention Clara at all, here she is.

We never did hear anything about the lost bouncy chair or mei tai or toys, but we've replaced just about all of them. The bouncy chair has been discontinued, so we got the floor model at a nice discount, and Grace at MangoBaby was very nice about the mei tai, too. So the Stupid Person Tax wasn't as high as it could've been.

She understands certain words now, and she has one more tooth. We are still completely, completely smitten.


Glenna C said...

Hi Emily! I just found your blog and added you to my bloglines. I always think I'm the only person who feels odd and shy going to knitting gatherings, but then I read other blogs and find out I'm not the only one. Who'd have thunk? ;) Lovely pics of Clara, she is such a sweetie.

tapeheads said...

Hi Emily! Just saw your blog link on Michelle's blog!

I have a question for you about the baby carriers. I notice you have a sling and now I find that you have a mei tai. Which do you prefer? I'm trying to decide between the two right now. My boyfriend wants a sling because they seem to be easier for someone to hold the baby and type at the same time, but I like the lack of bulkiness of the mei tai.
If you're coming to LK on Wednesday, we can talk about it more then.