Friday, May 25, 2007


Can't talk. Knitting.

I don't usually knit to deadlines but the Yarn Harlot is doing her (shhh) book launch in Toronto tonight, and is collecting hats for the homeless. I am blasting away at this hat in Noro Kureyon #55 (picture forthcoming, when it's done) and need it (and possibly a second one) done by 7pm. I have also been digging through my stash looking for an Elizabeth Zimmermann hat made of Lopi that has been very close to done for... what, five years now? Whenever it was that the knitting muse left me. Must find it and finish it, too.

Very happy to report that I seem to have found My People among the knitters of Toronto. Most of them have been hanging out together for a while now, and have that easy rapport that comes of longer friendship and shared experience; it's a little hard being on the outside of that, but that's life. And anyway, 80% of life is showing up. If I keep showing up on Wednesday nights, and keep going out with the Drunken Knitters once a month, and take part in the TTC Knit-a-long on June 9, I think I might start feeling a little less awkward. They're a very welcoming bunch.

It was nice to meet Swatchy and Noricum on Wednesday, too.

Anyway, back to the hat. And I have a student showing up in 45 minutes, eep.

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