Sunday, February 19, 2006

Because the world needs more ukuleles

Via Ghost of a Flea: the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain performs "Smells Like Teen Spirit".

Today's update: still pregnant. "Morning" sickness is misnamed. I'm usually fine in the mornings, and quite ill by late afternoon or early evening. Fatty food doesn't sit well. The washroom at work stinks of the grease from the McDonald's downstairs; by the end of the day it's nearly unbearable. If that's the only thing I have to complain about in re the new job, though, I guess I should be grateful.

I did go ahead and tell my boss. He was awesome. Two adjectives that describe him beautifully are "professional" and "humane". His first question was "What do you need from us?" This after he'd spent at least four months looking for someone to fill the job I've just taken. Wow.

Tomorrow I go see the midwife; on Tuesday I see a genetics fellow at Mt. Sinai Hospital. The genetics guy phoned me on Thursday to ask for faxes of all my mother's test results. He said he'd never, ever seen a patient test positive for more than one of the blood abnormalities on the list I gave to my doctor. (My mother has tested positive for seven.) High weirdness. My mum had two healthy pregnancies and no trouble with blood clots until she was past sixty. Who knows what the hematologist will find by testing me the week after next?

In other news, Martha is still awesome. Two nights this week, I've woken up and found her snake on my pillow. This morning when she brought it downstairs, she dropped it right at my feet. Is it possible to have a crush on one's cat?

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