Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I think I just got the last copy in Toronto of the new Doctor Who series. Thank you people in the Outpost Gallifrey forums!

Started the new job today. I think it's going to be good. I observed one of the other teachers for the morning. Tomorrow I'll observe my boss teaching all day, and probably do some lesson planning as well. It's nice to have a chance to watch other teachers at work. I didn't get a chance to do enough of that while I was training, and my last boss had no qualifications or experience whatsoever as an educator, so her grasp on what constituted professional development for us was tenuous at best. ("I know -- I'll force the three teachers to swap classes without asking them or offering any rational explanations. That'll develop 'em!" Never mind that we never got annual performance evaluations, to which we were contractually entitled. I suppose that that was a blessing, though, as getting one was invariably code for "You're about to be fired." Ahem.)

The new boss pays us for staff meetings (the old one didn't) and apologized that he can't pay us for the lunch hour yet. (!) He has very carefully designed the schedule so that I'll be able to ease into the job and still get Tuesday and Thursday mornings off. All this makes me feel guilty that I have to tell him I will most likely be leaving in late September, at least for a while. I'm doing a lot of debating about when to break the news that I'm pregnant. I hate keeping secrets, and I feel like he deserves to know why I'm going to be flaky and exhausted for the next while. But it would kind of suck to conduct the sort of search he just did and have the new person say "Whoops, sorry! Knocked up! Seeya!"

At least I'll be around during the summer, which is high season for private ESL schools in Toronto. And ESL teaching lends itself well to part-time work, which is good for new mothers.

Decisions, decisions.

I think I'll watch some Who.

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