Sunday, June 18, 2006

I can stop whenever I want to

We were on our way out of the building earlier to do a bit of shopping, and a guy in the elevator noticed me staring at a Sudoku puzzle. "Now when you have to do one of those in the elevator, that's addiction."

So I hit him.

(Not really.)

Pet peeve: the word "soduku," both written and spoken. "Su" means digit in Japanese, and "doku" means "single." I was reading somewhere that people are stupid.

Reunion was marvellous. Started it by working out at the Sports Center (whose selection of free weights sucks, alas: there's not even a squat cage or a proper bench press setup). Watched myself doing sets of 95-pound deadlifts in the mirror, looked at the pregnant belly and the muscular shoulders, and thought, "Yes. Perhaps it is possible that I don't suck as much as I once thought I did."

That moment alone was worth the trip.


42 said...

girl, I can totally picture you doing deads with a preggo belly.

oh god I need to start lifting again...

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you had a good Reunion. How are you doing the vegetarian thing and getting enough protein to put on muscle mass? This is my biggest problem (short of reduced gym attendance) since going veg in 2003.

My reunion was a huge letdown. None of my closest women friends turned up, and I'm not sure why, because by all accounts, everyone had had a blast at our tenth. And I had seen 75% of the guys I cared about at a Big Sur wedding last autumn, so it wasn't the same excitement of seeing them as if five years had passed.

It didn't help that it poured down rain in central New Jersey for the first two-thirds of the event.

I was postulating that the women-with-newborns-and-toddlers didn't want the hassle of traveling, and their absence triggered their friends (mothers or otherwise) not to come, but then I counted just how few of my women friends fit the category at the moment.