Wednesday, June 07, 2006


1. My grandmother died at about five after one Denver time this afternoon, when all the family members were out of the room and the nurses were getting ready to give her a bath. I knew this was how it was going to happen, that she wasn't going to die with family near her. She held on for more than 72 hours after they stopped giving her fluids. Stubborn as anything, right to the end.

2. Mr. Krapsnart is officially a citizen of Ireland: the certificate arrived this morning. The application process was long and expensive and worrisome, because we were afraid the papers wouldn't come through until after the baby came. But because they did, the baby is now eligible for Irish citizenship as well, and therefore for an EU passport. Mr. K was so happy this morning that there were tears in his eyes. Kiss him: he's Irish.

I might just have a half pint of Guinness this weekend to celebrate. So there.

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Chris said...

I'm sorry she passed, although I know it was time, and the family was at peace with it.

And how does one type "Woo hoo!" with an Irish accent?